Here is another cool and useful extension for your chrome browser - Screen recorder. It may come in handy when you need to record your screen or certain area of new tab in order to share some information, share gameplay video, make a guide video or record important meeting.
This extension is absolutely free and easy to use. It doesn`t weigh a lot, simple and user-friendly. Quick video saving and unlimited recording time are the features we also offer you in the extension. You can record sound from your pc or microphone.

Screen recorder extension will definitely improve your browsing and make your life easier.
The fastest and most reliable way to invite your friends to like Pages and Events. We will help you grow your Pages and your Events. Don't waste your time by clicking all your friends to invite them to Events or Pages. We will help you click them all automatically! It works with all Facebook recent changes to Invite Boxes.
Main Features:
• Updated to latest Facebook changes.
• Works for Events and Pages
• Works for Invites to Post's Likes
• Autoscroll